Our last port of call was Bali. The immigration and tender process was so poorly organised that we only ended up with a pitiful 3 hours in Kuta. Luckily Kuta isn’t that nice. So we spent most of our time at Waterbom waterpark  playing on slides. 


Waterbom isn’t going to win any prizes for being the biggest or best waterpark in the world. Most of the slides are quite modern, like the one where the floor drops away and the one where it looks like you are going down a drain. They aren’t very numerous though, we managed to go on all the slides in a little over an hour. It is however a welcome respite from the craziness of Kuta and I imagine sitting in the pool bar for hours would make a very enjoyable day. 


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    1. I remember that statue (or one very similar) in a roundabout at a major intersection from our trip in ’96.

      I think it relates to one of the Hindu epics (from the Bhagavad Vita??) or similar…

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