Darwin is our last Australian port and we get a whole day and a half here. We spend our first afternoon looking around town and swimming in the wave pool (the lagoon was a bit too gross for swimming). We also get what I assume is a very Darwin experience and witness a group of Aboriginals get arrested. From what we can see they don’t really seem to be causing any harm (a few drinks in a park, but neither drunk nor aggressive). In Canberra you’d have trouble even attracting the attention of the police for that (Keelie once had her property stolen directly in front of the police and they weren’t in any way helpful. Sure the property was a giant, inflatable penis and the victims were a group of women on a hen’s night, but giant inflatable penises are really expensive. And crime is crime). 



Spicy food is hard to come by cruising , so we had high hopes for a trendy Vietnamese restaurant we found. It didn’t deliver spice, but at least we got cocktails in a jar.


The next day we took our hire car and headed out to Litchfield national park. We spent the day bushwalking and swimming (although sadly what is meant to be the nicest swimming spot in the park was closed due to the fact a crocodile was in there). We had a minor drama when we went to return the car and the rental place was closed. The guy at the service station thought it was fine to leave the keys with him, and since we needed to be back in the ship soon, we had little choice but to agree.  

Giant termite mounds


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