Pyin Oo Lwin

Rather than head back to Mandalay before our flight to Thailand, we decide to stay in Pyin oo Lwin and go directly to the airport from there. Formerly known as Maymyo, Pyin oo Lwin was a popular British hill station during the time that Britain controlled Myanmar, since its higher altitude makes the temperature much cooler than the lowlands.

Horse and carriage, Cinderella style

However by the time we get to Pyin oo Lwin the monsoon has well and truly started, so being cooler is no longer such an attractive prospect. It’s the first time we get out our jeans and jackets since we left home. We almost start to miss the 45 degree days of Bagan and Mandalay. It rained continuously during our time in Pyin oo Lwin – for 42 hours without a break. Sometimes the rain slowed to a light shower, other times it was a torrential downpour.

Light flooding outside our hotel room

By the afternoon a combination of the rain slowing down and the beginning signs of stir-craziness convinces us to head out. We walk past a few of the old colonial buildings which Pyin oo Lwin is famous for as we head to the botanic gardens. We timed it well, as we even get some sunshine for our walk through the gardens.

Despite the rain and a viewing deck, no rainbows

Keelie’s feet at the end of a wet walk

In the evening we head to the night market for dinner, where we discover our favourite Burmese dish: semi-circles of batter with either fried egg or vegetables inside. We have no idea what they’re called, but we liked them so much we had a second serve for desert. We also fill up on noodle soup and a few other little snacks from various stalls. All up it costs us about $4 for both of us for our last dinner in Myanmar.

Our favourite snacks

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