Review: Bangkok Air

We didn’t really have high expectations going in, expecting Bangkok air to just be a typical Asian discount airline. However, Bangkok air bills itself as Asia’s boutique airline, and offers a lot of extras you don’t normally get.

For starters everyone gets lounge access when flying with them. We flew out of Mandalay (MDL) which doesn’t have a Bangkok air lounge so we instead received a voucher for a sandwich and a drink. In truth it wasn’t great, but we assumed we got it because we weren’t getting a meal on the plane so made sure we ate it. However we also received a surprisingly good meal on the flight. Flight attendants were friendly and the plane was new and well maintained. They also have the best inflight magazine we’ve ever seen, with inspiring photography and useful tips on a variety of South East Asian destinations.

We later flew with Bangkok air from koh Samui to phuket and it was also a pleasant experience. Most importantly, prices are low.


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