Our first time: Living in a treehouse

The best part about being a grown up is that you can afford to do all the cool stuff your childhood self wanted to do, but that your parents said was too expensive or stupid. Like living in a treehouse. And that is exactly what we did in Pasak Ngam village, an hour and a half north of Chiang mai. The Rabeang Pasak treehouse resort has eight treehouses scattered amongst trees, tropical gardens and a natural swimming hole, built by a retired architect who clearly also decided not to be a grown up anymore.

We opt to stay in a different treehouse each night. The first treehouse ‘Rimlarn’ had its own spiral staircase and a balcony overlooking a stream. The second treehouse ‘Longan’ had an open air bathroom (complete with resident frog). The guesthouse also had a litter of kittens to play with, a dog to pat and the best Thai food we had on our trip (yes, even better then Nahm). What else could one ask for from a guesthouse?

Treehouse 1 – Rimlarn
Treehouse 2 – Longan
A peek inside

Our favourite meal in Thailand

There isn’t a whole lot to do in the area (besides pat kittens and relax), but the guesthouse has created a map of the area and lends possibly the worst quality bikes we had even risen. Cycling around the area we come across a swamp and what might be the worst smelling cave in the world (due to the large population of bats and their poo). In fact it smelt so bad we could only stand to be in there for a minute.

The problem with such poor quality bikes is that we were rather slow moving on them. Therefore when ever either of us managed to get a bit of momentum we wanted to keep going for as long as possible, even if that meant we lost sight of each other. This wasn’t really an issue until Keelie missed a turn, and the two of us spent a particularly scary fifteen minutes calling to each other through the woods until we found each other.

Our shabby bikes

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