Bossy signs of Singapore

Every country has signs telling you what you should and shouldn’t do. But somehow Singapore’s signs come across as a little bit bossy. I’m not sure whether it is the sheer amount of them or the breadth of topics the signs cover that give this impression. Despite the signs, we saw many of these rules being broken, which made me like Singaporeans even more.  

A sharp edge map makes life much more convenient

How many people are kicking the sides of escalators? Was this sign in response to a number of incidents? Or is it overly cautious? So many questions unanswered.
But better to regret something you did, rather then something you didn’t do?
I have never wanted to riot until I saw this sign.
I can’t tell if they think having durians isn’t that much of a crime, or if they just couldn’t think of a price high enough.

Our personal favourite signs featured on the MRT, developed in an attempt to bring manners back.   


Not only do these characters get their own signs at MRT stations, they even get their own cool videos. They’re worth a watch: Move in MartinStand-up Stacy and Give way Glenda

If only we had have been in Singapore a year earlier we could have entered this Competition to create our own character. Our entry would have been called Melon-chasing Myles. This would commemorate the time that the lady sitting across from us on the MRT had a stray melon roll from her shopping bag. Myles chased the melon down a carriage and a half before he could catch it and return it to its rightful owner. Such good manners!

If you liked the videos you should watch the encore!

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