Destination Calabria

We are headed to Palermo in Sicily after our time in Berlin but all the flights to there from Berlin are pretty expensive.

We therefore try to be a bit sneaky and decide to grab some cheap flights to Lamezia Terme in Calabria and take the train from there to Palermo. This saves a bit of money while letting us see somewhere different on the way through.

The times don’t line up very well, with a train leaving Lamezia Terme for Palermo about 20 minutes after our flight’s arrival time. We decide we can’t make this one, which was just as well given the amount of time it took for our bags to come out. Unfortunately, the next train is not for several hours.

Lamezie Terme train station

Our tentative plans of wandering into town for a leisurely lunch or down to the beach are dealt a fatal blow by the absence of luggage storage at either Lamezia Terme Airport or at the train station. We therefore set up camp at a cafe across the road from the station with our mountain of luggage. The food selection is mediocre at best but we manage to wile away the next few hours with a bit of food, a couple of Peronis and some games of cards (where we learnt that we don’t know the rules to any good card games that don’t involve excessive drinking, something we are still yet to rectify).

Not an overly inspiring lunch

At one point in our planning we did consider spending a night in Calabria, perhaps at Tropea, and what we saw of Calabrian scenery from the train it looks extremely beautiful. Another thing to put on our list for “next time”. Eventually our train arrives, and we board for the long journey to Palermo.

Abandoned building, Lamezia Terme
Unfortunately we didn’t see any all girl marching bands during our short visit to Calabria

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