Las Palmas

In our quest to travel around Europe on the cheapest possible flights, we find ourselves departing the Canary Islands from Las Palmas. However, our research on Las Palmas doesn’t reveal nearly as many interesting sites as Tenerife, so we decide on just one night here.

We dedicate most of our time to strolling along the boardwalk, taking in the views of the sea and the surrounding mountains. Las Palmas apparently has one of the best city beaches in the world, but it failed to entice us.

It’s our last night in Spain and despite numerous attempts we hadn’t had a satisfying tapas meal yet. After walking into most restaurants along the boardwalk, we settle on a cute little place with sea views. Finally we have a delicious tapas meal. Our Spanish to do list is complete.

The next morning it’s another early start to make our flight. It’s been a short and sweet trip to Las Palmas, but unlike our trip to Catania, we leave with no regrets.

The mountains of Las Palmas

One of the world’s best city beaches, apparently.

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